Music Distribution Services

Worldwide Music and Video Distribution
Black Tiger Music leverages one of the largest and most cutting-edge digital music distribution delivery systems for artists and labels, on the planet. Whether it’s a full length on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, a stream on Deezer, Spotify, and Rhapsody, a User Generated Content (UGC) track and Content Identification (CiD) on YouTube or a ringtone through the world’s largest mobile carriers, we supply hundreds of outlets around the world.




CD Manufacturing and Distribution
Black Tiger Music has partnered with Amazon’s On-Demand CD and DVD Manufacturing, Printing & Distribution service. If you are a music label or a single artist, we will grant you access to limitless physical CD/DVD inventory, manufactured on demand with no upfront costs, and global distribution using!
Normally this is a huge upfront overhead cost yet Black Tiger Music offers all of our pre-production services for FREE. We’ll handle a multi-track CD and DVD from pressing to delivery. In other words, our service promises to remove nearly all of the risks of short-run CD and DVD manufacturing, which can cost musicians hundreds or even thousands of dollars for discs that rarely sell enough to cover expenses. All you need to do is provide the music and artwork to specification and we will do the rest.

Digital Royalties
Digital Royalties are fees that digital radio services, such as Pandora, SiriusXM , webcasters and cable TV music channels are required by law to pay for streaming music. These royalties are not collected by traditional performance rights organizations such as ASCAP, PRS, BMI, SOCAN, etc. These royalties are paid by the services to SoundExchange. Black Tiger Music will ensure that your music is properly registered and collect due royalties on your behalf.

Video Monetization
Think of Black Tiger Music’s Video Monetization program as an annuity—a stipend where your revenue grows with time and your brand garners significant exposure in a competitive digital marketplace. We will provide full optimization, protection, processing and monetization on most major DMS partner video sites. Black Tiger Music can add significant dollars to your royalty checks as a direct result of our advertising sales and trafficking expertise for your videos—even if your videos are homemade, concert footage or slideshows. Our video distribution services will add additional revenue streams to your portfolio.

Music licensing for film, TV, video and webcast production involves two aspects of copyright law: Performance Rights and Synchronization Rights. Performance Rights come into play when a production is shown to the public, typically via broadcast or cablecast, and are primarily of concern to film distributors and TV and cable stations. Synchronization, or “sync” Rights, in contrast, is involved whenever recorded music is used in combination with visual images in a production. Since the use of music in film, TV, video and webcast is not covered by the compulsory license provisions of the Copyright Act, Sync Licenses for these uses must be negotiated on an individual basis with each broadcast affiliate. Black Tiger Music will actively seek sync placements for your music and manage those rights on your behalf on a non-exclusive basis.

SoundScan and Broadcast Data Systems (BDS)
Sure it would be nice to hit the Billboard Charts! Recipe: (Lots of Airplay + Very Strong Sales) x Hit = Billboard Chart. Airplay is tracked through Broadcast Data Systems (BDS). BDS uses digital pattern-recognition technology to identify songs that air on radio and TV channels across the United States and Canada, while SoundScan is used to track music sales in the United States and Canada. BDS and SoundScan are the two main data sources used by Billboard for charting. In addition, BDS is also used by radio stations, record company executives, publishing firms, performance rights organizations, music retailers, and film and TV producers.
As a serious artist, you want to be a part of these systems. Having a song on the Billboard Charts can be a big boost for any artist. Black Tiger Music will ensure that your music is properly registered in these systems starting on day one.

Content ID
In today’s digital world, a growing number of authorized and unauthorized third party users make use of copyrighted material every day. These might include the usage of your audio and audiovisual masters for commercial and private applications (e.g. uploading audio and videos on social media sites for weddings, corporate events, commercials or slide shows) in which your masters might be used with or without proper authorization and licensing. Black Tiger Music and its CiD affiliates register, reformat, submit, monitor, manage, monetize, collect revenue and provide Content Identification (CiD) services on behalf of our artists and label partners.contentID
We routinely monitor and monetize multiple types of unlicensed User Generated Content (UGC) uses of your music masters on social media websites, Internet broadcasters and various other websites, as well as new technologies, channels and platforms that arise, whether now known or existing in the future.
When we identify a match between your music recording and a video file on the Internet, we then monetize that UGC video using various advertisement techniques. We serve as an intermediary between artists and the people who might use an artist’s work for, say, a YouTube video. Every time a new video is uploaded, it’s automatically compared against YouTube’s Content Identification library for a match. We constantly monitor and update your musical works within YouTube’s ID library. If we find a match, we can take one of three actions: (1) remove the content/takedown, (2) leave it alone, or (3) monetize the video. Typically choosing to monetize the video would be the way to go as it generates incremental revenue that we collect on your behalf. It also expands your broadcast portfolio. In some instances, when the video is not suitable, we will issue a takedown. We’ll make CiD simple for you—so you can start earning the money you deserve! Get plugged in to CiD with Black Tiger Music!